Onboarding & Life Cycle Communication

Onboarding & Life Cycle Communication

The following best practices will require information from every point of contact with your customers and will help you create a solid onboarding and Life cycle communication experience.


A positive experience is initiated through seamless onboarding and it impacts retention, customer life time value and profitability positively

Client retention and revenue maximisation strategies based on the client data

  1. Understand your customer
  2. Set clear expectations
  3. Show value in your offers
  4. Stay in constant communication
  5. Create customer-centric goals
  6. Automate the journey
  7. Seek to impress
  8. Measure your success

Pubfinda is engaged in developing and executing marketing, onboarding and life cycle customer communication strategies for all businesses that are willing to take the next step in customer communication and Satisfaction.

Pubfinda has over 50 years of combined marketing and promotional experience, our staff are primarily focused on developing and executing marketing and communication strategies for your existing and new customers.