Marketing & Promotional Support

Marketing Benefits

There are many content marketing benefits regardless of whether you are marketing to businesses (B2B) or consumers (B2C). Content marketing:

Increases visibility of your brand

Having quality content promoted across the appropriate social media channels gets your brand in front of those who may be looking for a solution to their problem.

Develops lasting relationships with your audience

If you continually provide your audience with actionable content, they will turn to your business when they need more than what they can do themselves.

Improves brand awareness and recognition

Small businesses face the challenge of getting their brand in front of their target audience. Creating content that continually gets found when someone is looking for an answer can influence your brand reputation.

Creates loyalty and trust, with both your current customers and prospects

Offering content that provides advice, education and useful solutions freely and without a sales pitch builds trust with your prospects and customers. Relationships built on trust are more likely to move beyond free advice into a profitable relationship for your business.

Helps you to build authority and credibility

Service based businesses live or die on their expertise and how well they can communicate that to their audience. Demonstrate your expertise with content that provides insight into what your strengths as a business provides and what you can do for your clients.

Positions your business as an expert in your industry

Once you have demonstrated your expertise, people will naturally turn to your content first for the answers they are looking for.

Generates traffic to your site to improve lead generation

One of the most important content marketing benefits is generating inbound leads. Adding more quality content to your website helps to create a larger digital footprint. This provides more opportunity of your business being found in the search results.

Pubfinda is engaged in developing and executing marketing, promotions and customer communication strategies for all businesses that are willing to take the next step in customer communication and Satisfaction.

Pubfinda has over 50 years of combined marketing and promotional experience, our staff are primarily focused on developing and executing marketing and communication strategies for your existing and new customers.